Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Day 5: Behind the Burly Q

Date: July 5
Film: Behind the Burly Q [usa, 2010]
Where: home/streamer
Who with: alone
Movie rating: **1/2
Eroticism rating of movie about strippers: **

I didn't plan on seeing Behind the Burly Q, but I got my start times for Meek's Cutoff wrong and showed up at Circle Cinema after it started. If there's one code I live by, it is that I shall never darken a theatre's doorstep after the film has begun, so I didn't see Meek's Cutoff as I'd planned. I made my way home in the 100+ temperature [we are suffering a brutal heatwave in Tulsa the past month; it's going to be a hellish summer if this keeps up] and secluded myself in the air conditioned comfort of the couch with Mozi, where I watched this surprisingly dull documentary on the history of burlesque in America. A subject as rich and interesting as burlesque deserves a feisty film, but this is not as it is rather tame and so removed of sex-appeal that it's shocking that these women actually took their clothes off for a living. It has nudity and barely clothed women aplenty, but it's so completely sanitized and serious that the fun, dangerous and naughty elements that made burlesque popular is nowhere to be found in Behind the Burly Q. Too bad.

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Cinerobotlie said...

This doc reminded me of a History of Sexuality class I took incollege. I thought it would be fun, but it ended up being too intellectualized.