Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 21: Duck Season

Date: July 21
Film: Duck Season [mexico, 2006]
Where: Tulsa/at home/streamer
Who with: Loner style
Rating: ***

Duck Season is a lovingly crafted and very simple story from Mexico about two teenage friends who want to spend Sunday alone in an apartment, playing video games, drinking Coke, eating pizza and chips. Then the power goes out. To relieve their boredom there are a couple of unwanted guests as the trailer below explains. Shot in silvery black and white--it's always such a shock to see a modern film in non-color--Duck Season has a real sweet edge to it as the two friends are nearing an age when friendship is both deadly important yet dangerously malleable. Confined to the apartment setting the entire film, there's little action but their afternoon stasis is part of the charm of it. What's worse for a 14 year old boy to be cooped up in an apartment with no power to play video games all day long? Produced by Alfonso Cuaron [Children of Men, Y Tu Mama Tambien].

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