Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 14: Bank Shot

Date: July 14
Film: Bank Shot [usa, 1974]
Where: Tulsa/at home/streamer
Who with: Loner style
Rating: ***1/2
Rating for films in the 1970s: *****!

It's no secret I like the films from the 1970s. That was THE decade for filmmaking for me! What makes that decade much better than say, the 1990s onward, is the fact even the smaller, lesser known films such as Bank Shot are still entertaining. They might not be great, but those that have slipped through the cracks appear better than the films that go unnoticed currently. In fact, many of these films are actually better than acclaimed or buzzed about movies that get wide releases in our lovely multiplexes. Bank Shot is just that sort of film.

Bank Shot is a lively farce with a big cast of quirky characters starring George C. Scott as a master bank robber wasting away in prison. He escapes to do a job on a mobile bank that is doubling as a trailer until the new structure can be built. His plan is to steal the entire bank. Bank Shot is a fun, quick paced, lively directed and acted film that has enough charm to it to warrant a viewing for heist or George C. Scott fans. This is especially true if you are like me and try to see everything that was released in the 1970s.


hidden staircase said...

super 70's poster art too!

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

Yeah, you can't mistake the decade this was released by the poster.