Friday, August 03, 2012

July movies

The documentary binge continues with [eleven] titles in July. There's so many available for streaming via Netflix that it's hard to keep up with the choices. Highlight of the month had to be the Breaking Away screening at Cinefamily with Dennis Christopher talking before and after. I'd forgotten just how much I love that movie!

Goon--2011--canada   ***1/2
Herb and Dorothy--2008--usa   ****
Beasts of the Southern Wild--2012--usa   ****
I Ain't Scared of You--2010--usa   ***
Make Believe--2010--usa   ****
Chronicle--2011--usa   ***
The Pruitt-Igoe Myth---2011---usa   ****
Raising Arizona--1987--usa   *****!
Tabloid--2011--usa   ***1/2
Damsels in Distress--2012--usa   ***
Martha Marcy May Marlene--2011--usa   ***1/2
Sheba, Baby--1975--usa   **1/2
Gran Torino--2008--usa   ***1/2
The Do-Deco-Pentathlon--2012--usa   ***1/2
Zidane: A Twenty-First Century Portrait--2011--england   **
Bombay Beach--2011--usa  ***1/2
Marina Abromovic: The Artist is Present--2011--usa   ***1/2
Shut Up & Play the Hits--2012--usa   ***
Breaking Away--1979--usa   *****!
A Sunday in Hell--1976--denmark   ***
The Inventions of Dr. Nikomats--2011--denmark   ***1/2
Tuesday, After Christmas--2011--romania   ***1/2
Ruby Sparks--2012--usa ***
The Big Year--2011--usa  *