Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 20: Lynch

Date: July 20
Film: Lynch [usa, 2007]
Where: Tulsa/at home/streamer
Who with: Loner style after Sarah bolted the room 37 minutes in
Rating: ***1/2
David Lynch's combination of strangeness and sweetness rating: *****!
Movie poster rating: *

Abstract, artsy documentary about filmmaker and artist David Lynch as he prepares for and then shoots Inland Empire. This documentary is not really about Lynch the person, but about Lynch the artist. Therefore, if you watch Lynch, you'll get lots of ruminations that may or may not make sense, a look into Lynch's many creative projects [ranging from photography to painting to woodwork to even, yes, directing a movie] and hear him tell a variety of bizarre stories. I eat up everything connected to David Lynch, so this is my kind of documentary. I don't really care about tracing out his life story from childhood to where he is at now. I want to see behind the curtain and Lynch gives access to that world. People not really familiar with him might not like it as much as I did. As I was looking up the details of this on IMDB I noticed that in the forums a lot of people hated this, including self-claimed Lynch fans. Not sure what they'd expect from someone as enigmatic as David Lynch. I like the trailer below, but the poster is terrible.

The best scene in the film has Lynch is telling an assistant what he needs that day for filming: a one-legged 16 year old girl, an attractive 23 year old Eurasian woman and a pet spider monkey. You know that made for some good filming!

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Cinerobota said...

Surprisingly, given its subject, the doc is actually pretty boring. Skip this one.