Sunday, July 03, 2011

Day 2: The Lincoln Lawyer

Date: July 2
Film: The Lincoln Lawyer [usa, 2011]
Where: Tulsa/at $$ movie
Who with: Alone [Tim flaked out on me!]
Movie rating: *** [out of five]
Tim as a dependable movie-watcher rating: **
Sno-cone rating: ****

It's no secret I absolutely loathe Matthew McConaughey. Not only is he a flat-out awful actor who is known for his penchant for taking off his shirt, grinning during performances when no grinning is called for--the man is the worst sort of arrogant texan that rubs this Okie the wrong way. But, The Lincoln Lawyer got decent reviews, was playing at the dollar movie [actually cost $2 due to it being Saturday night], Marisa Tomei was among the cast and the ability to get a sno-cone near the theatre. There's nothing like sno-cones in the summer and this place takes them over the top by adding real cream to whatever flavor you'd like. My two favorites: peaches and cream or tigers blood and cream. I'm a sucker for the cream on top! Wonderful. 

Back to The Lincoln Lawyer.  This is one of those classic novel-to-screen Hollywood lawyer tales about a barrister whose office is his Lincoln Continental who gets pulled into a case that might challenge his morals, threaten his life and put his family in danger. This is really over-written, but I admit it's a fun, summery film with a terrific supporting cast--Tomei, William H. Macy [great 'stache!], Bryan Cranston [who is way underutilized], Michael Pena, Laurence Mason and Shea Whigham all give professional support so the acting-challenged McConaughey can't ruin the film. Whigham, who has a prominent role on HBO's Boardwalk Empire, plays a sleazy convict and eats up his few minutes on screen with relish. The Lincoln Lawyer isn't all that surprising and has some plot-leaps that you'll have to take, but for summer fare, I've seen far worse.

Here's a photo of my sno-cone. I tried a very non-manly sounding flavor: pizzazz. That's okay, I'm comfortable in my masculinity. It was pineapple/peach/red raspberry topped with the always-makes-it-better cream. As you can see, I ate it in a lovely Tulsa location of one of our many, many, many, many parking lots in south Tulsa. It's worth some time standing in the concrete with the sun pummeling down just to get some of the sweet, sweet flavored ice. See what you missed Tim by flaking on me and the $2 movie?


Eva said...

That sno-cone does sounds good, I've never seen them with cream. When I first glanced at what you had written, I thought you wrote that you tried "pizza" flavored (that would have been pretty awful). (but more manly? ;)

I'm still waiting for the day when they put Matthew McConaughey (is that how you spell him?) in a movie about a boy who is lost in the jungle and brought up by apes. He would play him a grown man when some folks discover there is an ape man living in the jungle and bring him to the labs to examine. You know, it might be his one shot at Oscar.

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

Are you saying that he'd make a great "ape-man" who is stupid to the ways of the world and have to play someone ignorant of everything around him? Gee, that does sound like something he'd do well at, ha.

Eva said...

You got it! didn't I create the perfect movie for him? He could also scratch his armpits, knock coconuts against his forehead, and just imagine all the great scenarios involving bananas.

hidden staircase said...

hee hee about the mm-ape movie. the grinning sentence made me laugh out loud.

joshua...i remember seeing the horrid 'failure to launch' with you at the pryor creek theatre and walking out of it (horrified at it's horrible-ness!) and hearing about the tornados. we stood inside awhile listening to some dude talk about the theatre being the safest spot to be because of how it was built and its shape. yeah right! then we when outside into that weird, still air...that atmosphere of eerie quiet and forboding...then drove off to tulsa with black skies to either side of us! i was freaked out. you were excited! i think that was the night we saw morrissey too...and morrissey and i were in the same freaked-out camp!

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

That's right...we watched that stinker because I was writing a review for Sand Springs paper near Tulsa. The tornado was just a few miles away in Adair and they didn't stop the movie! Then, if you recall, Donnie called me that night in Arkansas watching the same tornado system as a twister was on the ground--which we saw the damage of when we drove to War Eagle. Nice photo of you grinning next to torn up chicken houses, ha. And the next night we saw Morrissey at Cain's.

Glad you got to visit during tornado season! Too funny.

hidden staircase said...

yes...and donnie had his family in the bathtub and he was so excited to actually SEE a twister! no more tornado seasons for me! i wanna visit in late summer or fall!