Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 13: I'm Reed Fish

Date: July 13
Film: I'm Reed Fish [usa, 2007]
Where: Tulsa/at home/streamer
Who with: Sarah J.
Rating: Joshua *1/2; SJ *

This wasn't a very good one. It's a comedy that tries to blend in the quirky goings on of small-town inhabitants and people with pre-wedding jitters as they question whether or not they want to get betrothed. Worry gets ramped up for "Reed Fish" [Jay Baruchel] when his long-time crush moves back home for the summer. She's awesome! He's tormented on what to do--get married or ditch that and go for the woman he's crushed on.

Why in the world am I going on about the plot to I'm Reed Fish? Enough of that. I was only slightly remotely interested in this to see Baruchel [Undeclared, Knocked Up] in a leading role. He's okay and taps into the awkward, gawky, silly character, but the main culprit of this movie's failure is the script [by none other than a guy named Reed Fish!]. It's just way too cute for its own good with dialogue that tries way, way too hard to charm. I guess I prefer to see less effort and work when I'm watching a fluffy movie like this. I'm Reed Fish is so cute-overload that the gears are visible for the entire movie. And what was written wasn't even that good, interesting, romantic or funny. When two people give this 1 and 1 and a 1/2 stars, you know it has some serious, serious issues.


Cinerobota said...

Terrible movies like this make you realize the effortless quality of really good movies. The pacing in this movie is glacial.

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

I didn't even mention that, but this is one of those 100 minute movies that feels 200 minutes long.