Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Studio Tulsa interview

Go here if you want to listen to a 30 minute interview I did recently on "Studio Tulsa," a daily show that broadcasts on the local NPR station KWGS. The topic is 2010 in cinema--best, worst, missed, performances, the Oscars and my thoughts on 3D. I think radio is my medium! In a re-do life I'd love to be a DJ and play music to people. Or, I'd be up for a film, music and culture show right now, ha.


Eva said...

Maybe you could be the new Cecil B DeMille with his Lux soap radio theatre. I always loved the commercials - it's so important for us young women to learn how to keep both our faces and our stockings clean and dainty, so that all the boys will like us.

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

Ha. Those old commercials sometimes are more interesting than the show itself. I was watching something on youtube recently from the '50s and they had the live, on-air commercial that involved some kind of salve used on kids to open up their sinus'. It was kind of foul and didn't look that appealing to the kid it was being slathered on.

I'm hoping radio producers will hear this interview and call me up so if I have to shill products, I'm game.