Thursday, March 10, 2011

1998 statistics!

I thought it might be interesting to post some statistics before the existence of CineRobot. Let's start with 1998, the first year I started keeping my film journal that I dubbed Kinetoscope [pictured]. These older stats should show how consistent I've been regarding films over the past decade plus. I guess it's pretty clear, but I'll say it again--I love movies!

1998 was kind of a roller coaster year for me that saw me returning to Hungary for a month, ending a relationship, hibernating in Pryor Creek for six+ weeks watching the satellite dish like a demon and moving from Seattle back to Oklahoma to finish my BA at the University of Oklahoma. I didn't know anyone in Norman, so there were lots of loner screenings. Some of the films I saw in film classes I counted as "alone" in the stats that year though. 1998 was an anti-social year for me when I look back on it from the vantage point of 13 years. Seems like another lifetime, but yet like it was "yesterday." It's weird how memory acts sometimes. I'll post the stats for 1999 in a few weeks.

Total films seen in 1998: 262
In a theatre: 93

By Month

February: 16
March: 25
April: 15
May: 18
June: 27
July: 31
August: 23
September: 15
October: 17
November: 20
December: 40

By Decade

1930-39: 1
1940-49: 5
1950-59: 3
1960-69: 8
1970-79: 13
1980-89: 21
1990-98: 199

Who I saw 'em with

42--Laura Ballay
19--Lillian Blevins
16--Otis Hoover
5--Scott Booker, Robert Schrader
2--Angie Booker, Shane Davis
1--Brent Booker, Donnie Bostwick, Siobhan Bowers, Emily Hennigs, Joshua McNichols, John Thomas

Where I saw 'em

86--Pryor, Oklahoma
80--Seattle, Washington
48--Norman, Oklahoma
19--Tulsa, Oklahoma
11--Budapest, Hungary
8--Dallas, texas
3--On a jet
2--Santa Fe, New Mexico
1--Madison, Wisconsin; New York, New York; Springdale, Arkansas

By Country

215--US and A
4--Australia, Italy
3--Hong Kong
2--Japan, Mexico, Russia
1--Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt, India, Israel, Sweden


the hidden staircase said...

wow...i didn't make any in 98! the year i started at glamazon...seems a lifetime ago to me.

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

I know..that shocked me when I did them and you didn't see any. Although, I left town in May and didn't see that many with Seattle people anyway. You're in the 2000 ones that will come in a few weeks.

the hidden staircase said...

you left the same month i started! it was transition time big time!

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

13 years ago. Hard to believe.