Saturday, March 26, 2011

UTW review of Just Go With It + Biutiful

I'm at least a month behind on my Urban Tulsa Weekly reviews, but that just means I've got a lot of other content to post such as the recent guest writers Stephanie and Eva. I like having too much rather than not enough. I often question myself whether I will run out of things to say about movies, but then there seems to always be something new that comes to mind. And, I could always do a monthly insult to Michael Bay if things get too dry! Go here if you want to read a couple of short reviews of the comedy Just Go With It and the Mexican drama Biutiful.


Eva said...

Definitely no worries! There'll always be enough to say about movies.

I'm about halfway into the Louella Parson's biography now. There was this incident: Louella and her husband were attending one of Carole Lombard's famous costume parties. Them two were wearing togas. Louella's husband passed out drunk with his toga hiked up. Carole Lombard was like "what's that?" pointing to his crotch, and someone answered "that's Louella's column".

I have quite an Adam Sandler mind. The dirty anecdotes always stick best.

Joshua Blevins Peck said...