Wednesday, March 30, 2011

1999 statistics!

Here's another year of statistics, this time from 1999. One thing that jumps out at me as I look at these is just how many films I watched alone in the first couple of years of Kinetoscope [what I've dubbed my handwritten film journal, see image for sample couple of pages]. Granted, I'm not the most social of individuals, but this year was possibly the most anti-social my film-watching has been. Or, maybe it was 2001 when I lived in NYC and didn't know anyone? Watching movies has largely been a solitary activity for me over the years. I was living in Norman, Oklahoma working on finishing my degree in History/Film Studies and just preferred to be alone. And watch a lot of movies!

The highlight of 1999 was watching one last film with my grandmother Gertrude a few months before she passed away. Believe it or not, we watched Dead/Alive, the Peter Jackson gore fest that is so bloody that it's comical. Why she decided to sit down and watch that movie with me I have no idea. I can't think of that movie, or Jackson, without now thinking of my grandma.

The 2000 statistics will come in a few weeks.

Total for the year: 285

By Month

January: 26
February: 17
March: 18
April: 25
May: 31
June: 36
July: 26
August: 12
September: 20
October: 24
November: 14
December: 35

By Decade

1910-19: 4
1920-29: 9
1930-39: 15
1940-49: 12
1950-59: 12
1960-69: 10
1970-79: 16
1980-89: 39
1990-99: 162

Who I saw 'em with

55--in class at OU
35--Lillian Blevins
11--Otis Hoover
4--Scott Booker
3--Bobby Ahn, Kelly Healy, Seth Jones
2--Victoria Nguyen
1--Gertrude Blevins, Shane Davis, Melissa Wabnitz

Where I saw 'em

171--Norman, Oklahoma
91--Pryor, Oklahoma
10--Tulsa, Oklahoma
7--Dallas, texas
2--Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
1--Miami, Florida; Montreal, Canada; Treasure Cay, Bahamas

By Country

205--US and A!
4--China, Germany
2--Australia, Canada, Norway, Serbia
1--Cuba, Iran, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Vietnam, Yugoslavia


Anonymous said...

i remember you telling me you saw that with your gramma! i think she would have watched anything with you. i also can't believe you saw so many with your dad...that had to be a record! zero for seattle and me in 99!

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

He was living in the Tulsa area and we were having a brief truce, ha. I didn't see any in Seattle in '99. You show up in the next one for 2000.

Another funny one I watched with my grandma AND grandpa was SERIAL MOM. My grandpa thought it was really funny, grandma? Not so much.

the hidden staircase said...

never saw it...but john waters! pretty funny for them to be watching. ah!

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

Kind of a weird movie to watch w/ elderly grandparents that's for sure. Grandma kept saying, "Honey, this is filthy." Grandpa's classic quote: that bitch is crazy!