Tuesday, March 22, 2011

E-mail alerts/report from SXSW

For those of you who would like an e-mail alert for new posts, I just added that feature on the right. Just enter your e-mail and you'll get a special CineRobot e-mail every time a new post is added. It will be in raw text without images, but if you click on the heading it will take you directly to the post as it appears on CineRobot.

Coming soon will be a post [or two!] from CineRobot's SXSW film festival correspondent [yes, we are trying to add field agents to the site!] Stephanie Huettner. She has been busy watching films and jotting down some opinions just for CineRobot. Be on the ready for that and get some scoops on films that haven't been released yet.

New poll question about method actors too if you haven't voted.


Guy Gadbois said...

email? seriously, dood, you have an RSS feed. :D

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

I'm just saying that some people wanted e-mails sent to them and I'm not sure they know what an RSS feed is, ha. So, I added it for those non-rss folks out there whomever they may be.