Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day seven @ SIFF

My last day of movies. I ended up seeing 14 films in a week--not that many really. Compared to the amount I've seen in the past, averaging only two a day is barely even attending the festival. I always want to see more. Next time, maybe. 

I started off with a crackerjack Hong Kong crime film called The Beast Stalker (great title). This was classic Hong Kong: well made, kind of sentimental, great action scenes, top notch editing and very suspenseful. There is one of the best car crashes I've ever seen in a movie in The Beast Stalker. It is so violent (and artistic at the same time) that I had to catch my breath as it went down. There were audible gasps in the audience during it. The crash is that amazing. That alone makes it work seeing but it has other things working in its favor too. 

After quickly eating a deluxe + fries at the Dick's (local burger joint popular in Seattle) across the street, I went back into the Uptown to see a film from Brazil called Carmo. This was a road film that had doses of American westerns tossed in. Carmo is about a "loose" woman who meets a guy in a wheelchair; the pair start following a pair of thieves while bickering with one another (but begin to fall for each other). Okay, nothing mind blowing. 

SIFF 2009 is officially over! I'll soon be on the jet taking me east. I've rented two films (a comedy with Paul Newman and Lee Marvin I've never seen + a German romantic comedy--!)to watch on the flight to help pass the time. 


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've had a great trip! Ready to head this way for some youth baseball now???


Anonymous said...

The Beast Stalker is playing at a little indie theater just on the other side of the park from my house in SF. I've already been meaning to go, now I'll have to make sure to see it before it disappears.