Sunday, May 24, 2009

St. Louis/on a jet

I left Tulsa yesterday afternoon on a 4.15 flight to St. Louis. The layover was a few hours long so I was able to recharge my DVD battery while grabbing a bite to eat in the airport (the choices were slim at the St. Louis airport: Chili's Too or Wolfgang Puck Bistro; I went with Chili's due to a table near a plug in).  With recharged battery I got to finish the movie I'd started on the plane, a Norwegian drama called Clorox, Ammonia and Coffee. It's not very good. I usually watch foreign films when flying because of the subtitles make it easier to follow the dialogue due to the noise level on the plane. 
On the flight from St. Louis to Seattle I watched Japanese film Branded. This one was better as it involved two main subjects in a mostly incoherent plot: random assassins trying to kill each other and the main hit man's dalliances with various women. When I watch something on a jet I usually try to choose something that might not have offensive material--you know, lots of nudity, sex and violence. I thought I'd be safe with a Japanese film from 1967 but it had wall to wall naked girls! Oh well, there's no way it was more bothersome to those around me than the screaming baby that squealed its head off for 2+ hours in a four hour flight. Now, that was offensive. 

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