Friday, May 01, 2009

April movies

Adventureland---2009---usa ***1/2
Sugar---2009---usa ****
Duplicity---2008---usa ***1/2
Frostbitten---200?---sweden **1/2
Semi-Pro---2008---usa **1/2
Observe and Report---2009---usa ***
Two Lovers---2008---usa ****
Nollywood Babylon---2008---canada ***
Fulltime Killer---2001---hong kong ****
Dead Snow---2008---norway ***1/2
Leatherheads---2008---usa ***
House---1977---japan ***1/2
Marie Antoinette---2006---usa ***
Everlasting Moments---2008---sweden ****


Brandon said...

You know, Semi-Pro was bad, but every time I happen to see a little bit of it on TV, it grows on me. Mainly because they got the minor league basketball promoter so right. Jackie Moon is exactly what minor league basketball needs now.

Replicant said...

It has a couple of funny scenes but any film about the ABA should just be funnier!