Saturday, May 16, 2009

I Heart Virginie Ledoyen

Let's add another French actress to the "I Heart..." series. Virginie Ledoyen won't be the last. I love French cinema (after American films, I always watch more French films than any other country) and there are always lots of fetching women in their films. I admit, I like French girls--maybe I should just move to France and be done with it?

Ledoyen, who has been in mostly French films but has crossed over to American releases (The Beach in 2000--my one word review: ugh. This review is kind of tempered when you factor in that Ledoyen spends most of the film in a bikini!) and was even in a film from Taiwan from the wonderful Edward Yang (Mahjong). Her career has been all over the map--from French farce and romance (The Valet or Jeanne and the Perfect Guy) to crappy horror and suspense (Saint Ange or The Backwoods).

My favorite Ledoyen film is one she did in 1995 called A Single Female. This is a captivating, direct, simple tale with Ledoyen as a hotel employee with work and real life problems. The film follows her through her daily activities--not a lot of action but I was mesmerized by her rawness in this as a young woman worn down by life and job. A Single Female is a must see that might convert you to Ledoyen fandom when it ends.

Tonight I'll get to feed my Ledoyen fix at Circle Cinema, as she has a role in the new romantic comedy Shall We Kiss? (pictured). I can't wait.


Vern Snackwell said...

she is incroyable, i loved her in 8 femmes. will have to check this baby out before it leaves the circle

Replicant said...

I just watched 8 Women and hated it! I'm not a fan of Ozon, the director. If Virginie wasn't in it I'm not sure I would have finished it, such was my dislike of it.

Vern Snackwell said...

i thought it was really fun, and i love virginie and isabelle huppert. i don't hate the director. admittedly i've only seen this, swimming pool, and see the sea, so really i've only scratched the surface of the Ozon layer