Wednesday, June 03, 2009

May movies

It was a busy month thanks to the Seattle International Film Festival--33 films. That shot my yearly total up over 90 films so it looks like I'll see around my usual 200 films in 2009. I get antsy if I am not near the 200 mark! 22 films were from foreign countries, I saw a couple of really bad films while also rewatching one of my all-time favorites and I saw Star Trek two times!

Gomorrah---2008---italy ****
Grey Gardens---2009---usa ***1/2
8 Women---2002---france *1/2
The Soloist---2009---usa **1/2
Student Prince of Old Heidelberg---1927---usa ***1/2
Star Trek---2009---usa ****
You Kill Me---2007---usa **
Election---2005---hong kong ***1/2
The Pervert's Guide to Cinema---2008---canada ***
Backfire---1987---usa **
Pulp Fiction---1994---usa *****!
Kamikaze Girls---2005---japan ***
Shall We Kiss?---2008---france ***1/2
Dead Reckoning---1947---usa ***1/2
Martyrs---2008---france **1/2
Star Trek---2009---usa ****
Clorox, Ammonia and Coffee---2005---norway **1/2
Branded---1967---japan ***
My Dear Enemy---2008---south korea ***1/2
The Anarchist's Wife---2008---spain ***
We Live In Public---2009---usa ****
Terrible Happy---2008---denmark ***1/2
The Answer Man---2009---usa ***
Fear Me Not---2008---denmark ***
Small Crime---2008---cypress ***
Rudo y Cursi---2009---mexico **1/2
Beauties At War---2008---france ***1/2
Still Walking---2008---japan ****
Hansel and Gretel---2008---south korea **1/2
Daddy Cool---2008---france ***
The Beast Stalker---2008---hong kong ****
Carmo---2008---brazil ***
In July---2004---germany ***1/2


Vern Snackwell said...

me want a drag me to hell review!

Replicant said...

I saw it was fun! Raimi unleashed about seven kinds of vomit inspired scenes. Stuff just kept coming out of people's mouths--or into their mouths.