Friday, May 22, 2009

Seattle Film Festival schedule

I'm heading up to Seattle for a week. Lots of movies on tap. My schedule--which might grow a few more times before the week is done--is on the left. As you can see, lots of foreign films--I like to watch those because I doubt they come to Tulsa.

I'll try to check in throughout the week with updates, reviews, photos and stories. Posts will come every day or every other day (at least that's the plan).


Justin said...

Check out "Audience of One," a fascinating, and hilarious documentary about the intersection of faith and contemporary filmmaking. It plays at the NW Film Forum:
Seattle Premiere
Friday, Jul 17 at 07:00PM
Friday, Jul 17 at 09:00PM
Saturday, Jul 18 at 05:00PM
Saturday, Jul 18 at 07:00PM
Saturday, Jul 18 at 09:00PM
Sunday, Jul 19 at 05:00PM
Sunday, Jul 19 at 07:00PM
Sunday, Jul 19 at 09:00PM

justin said...

"In a Dream" is coming to Seattle! June 13-18th at the NW Film Forum.

“As a portrait of a sweet but slightly fractured man, it’s one of the most unexpectedly touching documentaries I’ve ever seen." —Cinematical

Its an amazing Doc about family, codependency, addiction, and artistic consciousness--the way the dreaminess, otherness, and essential egocentricity of an artist can crash against the needs of family life. Can the same person who creates breathtaking visual art destroy a family with his blindness to the simplest needs of other? Its a deeply psychological film, and also a beautiful one.

Check it out!