Friday, May 29, 2009

Day five @ SIFF

Kind of a slow day since I only saw one film. I did meet my friend Michael for lunch in the Pike Place Market. One of my favorite places--World Class Chili--was out of business which really made me sad as I still consider myself a regular here dating back to when I first ate there in 1996. The owner was a guy named Joe and he was really nice but getting older. The last time I saw him in September of 2008 he'd had a hip replacement and wasn't even behind the counter. That place will be missed! We walked through the market and ate at a tiny place that serves English styled crumpets. I had a ricotta cheese, pesto and ham + a butter and honey. Tasty. 

Later on I did see a film, Beauties At War. This was pure French styled romantic comedy which means I liked it as I am into French farces in a big way. I'd watch these kinds of films all day long and never get tired of them. Afterward I went over to Scarecrow Video and browsed the sections without actually renting anything. I just wanted to pay my respects to the temple that is Scarecrow (you didn't think I'd leave Seattle without the obligatory Scarecrow post did you?). The photo is of their "redneck" and "biker" selection--note the film Oklahoma Bound

Busy next couple of days with three films on Friday and Saturday. 

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