Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Recent films

A few short reviews of films I've watched in the past month.

Observe and Report. While it has a few nice moments, by the end, this mall set dark comedy becomes a little too "one-note" and loses steam. I'm such a fan of Jody Hill's The Foot Fist Way and East Bound & Down that it's kind of a disappointment. Not bad, just expected more. Hill's style is not for everyone though. He likes to push the boundaries some with comedy.

Dead Snow. All I need to say about this new film from Norway is: Nazi zombies! What else do you want to know? Lots of horror in jokes and references as a group of friends go to a remote cabin (not in the woods, this being Norway, it's on a snow covered mountain range) and have to fight off the Nazi undead. Fun as you can see by the poster (I heart the poster!) and will be coming to the Circle Cinema in August for a couple of midnight movie screenings.

Nollywood Babylon. Evidently Nigeria has a booming film industry. Granted, it won't challenge Hollywood since most films are shot on the cheap for under 10K and released DIY on DVD in markets and shops. The movies look terrible but the locals seem to enjoy them despite the low budget and amateurish quality they have. I was fascinated by the city of Lagos. What a crazy, frantic, packed with people, economically strapped, non-stop place.

Fulltime Killer. This is a typical Johnny To Hong Kong action film from 2001. That means a few things--it is good, bullets will fly, it is stylish, it is tense, it is tautly edited, it will have lots of slow motion. I love a good Johnny To action film and this is another that didn't disappoint me at all.

Adventureland. What a pleasant surprise this was! I basically saw it to see Martin Starr in a fairly large role for him and was completely captivated by this story set in a Pittsburgh amusement park in 1987. It's smart, appropriately nostalgic, has a great score, lots of likeable characters and just a well done youth comedy. Wish more people would have gone to see it but it should still be in theatres so you can still catch it.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Fulltime Killer is an Analog Medium favorite from way back when.

I'm really going to have to watch Dead Snow. Lmao at that poster.

Replicant said...

With that poster--how can you refuse?

I'm on a Johnny To kick here in Tulsa soon. I've got about 6 or 7 of his films lined up in my queue.