Monday, June 02, 2008

Film audiences in Portugal + Spain

Barcelona. Since I wrote a lot about the Finnish people last year (and still have that up on the main page) I thought I´d report in regarding the behavior of people in movie theatres on my trip. The report is positive. I´ve seen four films and while the Portugese and the Spanish are not up to the well mannered level of the Finns (who are basically so silent and still they might be either comatose or dead!), these two countries are light years from American audiences.

I have heard ZERO phones going off, I have seen ZERO people texting or looking at texts and I have heard ZERO conversation from other people in the theatre. That´s right--nothing. I did hear one lady who was squeeking the back of her chair off and on during one film but that´s something only a noise fanatic like me would hear--I was with Hidden Staircase and she didn´t hear it.

So there you have it. Two more countries who are obviously more civilized than the one I call home. It will be again painful to return to the land of the ¨text¨ and the ¨phone call¨ and the ¨let´s talk to one another during the film just like we are sitting in our living rooms¨...a period of adjustment will have to take place or I´ll be back to my combative ways.

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the hidden staircase said...

the most bizarre thing about seeing films there was being first or only ones to laugh. blade runner in portugal didn't really count b'c it's not a laughing kind of flick! juno in madrid was hilarious...and replicant and i were basically the only 2 laughing on time...hee hee...

oh...and nobody eats popcorn in spain...that to me was kind of a bummer...we had to bring in anything we wanted to eat and went to a candy store once before...

portugal at least had the option, although the popcorn looked terrible...we were able to get soda and candy at the theatre!