Monday, June 09, 2008

May movies

I'm way behind here due to travels. I'm home now so I'll try to get a few posts out over the next week or so. Highlight of the month has to be watching Blade Runner (Final Cut) in Lisbon. It blew me away. Looked amazing, sounded amazing and I even enjoyed that it was subtitled into Portugese as The Hidden Staircase and I watched it. Best sci-fi film ever!

First Saturday In May---2008---usa ***
Love Affair---1939---usa **
Speed Racer---2008---usa *1/2
Forgetting Sara Marshall---2008---usa ***1/2
eXistenZ---1999---canada ***1/2
First Blood---1982---usa ***1/2
The Visitor---2008---usa ****
Roberta---1935---usa ***1/2
I Could Never Be Your Woman---2007---usa ***
The Final Season---2007---usa **
Blade Runner (Final Cut)---1982---usa *****!
Juno---2007---usa ****
Un Chien Andalou---1929---france ****
Honeydripper---2008---usa ***1/2

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the hidden staircase said...

5 stars for Blade Runner in the sub-cave in LISBON!

my FIRST time seeing all of it proper and i absolutely loved it! i enjoyed the portuguese subtitles as well, or they didn't bother me. also ... HOORAY for the portuguese, who don't dub!

BOO for spain who almost ALWAYS dub EVERYTHING.....that was annoying. luckily the replicant is expert in finding the theatres/places where one can view without friggin dub! :) OV! POV!

THINK before leaving portugal!