Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cines Jean Renoir--Madrid

I love the name of this small little theatre--Renoir. Kind of neat
the place was named for the famed French director. What would be great is if more theatres took the names of famous filmmakers from the past. Imagine going to see a film at the Chaplin, the Hitchcock, the Truffaut or the Lubitsch. How cool would it be to say, "Oh, I'm going to the 7.30 screening at the Malick." I would really love that.

Directly across the street from the Renoir is an amazing film oriented bookstore called 8 1/2 (if only the Renoir was called the Fellini!). 8 1/2 was a treasure trove of books, images, posters, and curiosities (I got a nice t-shirt and a little box with a scary image from The Shining on it) all relating to film. Most items were in Spanish unfortunately, although I did find items in English.

Back to the Renoir. I re-watched Juno, a sweet-hearted comedy that I'm sure you know about but Hidden Staircase hadn't seen. I was curious to hear the reaction of the Spanish to the slang + culture heavy film through the subtitled wringer. Not many people were laughing except for us so the answer is--Juno lost a lot in the translation.

I did get to break out a proper bit of Spanish without having to stop and thing for 45 seconds before butchering their language. As we entered the downstairs theatre (aka the sub-cave!) it was completely dark--no light whatsoever. There was a Spanish mother/daughter right behind me and I said to them, "Donde es la luz?" ("Where is the light?") That is good Spanish if I do say so myself (unlike the time earlier in the day when I blurted out, "Donde es English?" thinking I was asking if they spoke English and got baffled looks and a confused "Que?" in response).

Photos: Exterior of the Cines Renoir, Replicant + Hidden Staircase waiting for Juno to begin & the screen itself.

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