Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Iron Man

Big summer blockbusters aren't really my cup of tea but this is getting rave reviews so I braved the packed multiplex to see it. I liked it. Fun; well conceived; effects laden; Robert Downey Jr. is fully redeemed; Jon Favreau is now a big budget director after mostly smaller films; Jeff Bridges looks awesome with shaved head/beard; great to hear a Suicidal Tendencies song in such a mainstream film; at two hours the film is just the right length; I liked that this wasn't a "mutant" superhero kind of film; annoying bit of facial hair by Downey that is too trimmed and veers off to odd angles on his face; Gwyneth Paltrow gets prettier when she wears less make-up and shows off her freckles; noisy people around me included two cell phone/text checks and a woman fanning herself for 40 minutes; might not see another "huge" film the rest of summer.

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Gary B. said...

I thought 'Iron Man' was a great, fun action movie.

As for movie distractions, my wife and I thought we could beat it by attending an early afternoon matinee. No such luck.

When Anna & I entered the theater a few minutes before showtime and noticed only 2 other couples seating. We both looked at each other and said 'this is going to be nice'. We spoke a little to soon. Right after we sat down, another couple walks in and after bumping into the back of our chairs decides to sit directly behind us. Out of the 100's of empty chairs they chose those two.

During the course of the film they decide to eat their popcorn and candy as loud as possible, talk about non-film related topics, answer their phone calls and rest their feet by my head. I eventually switched to the opposite side of Anna.

I used to have no desire for a home theater, but now it's sounding like a grand idea.

Guy Gadbois said...

You could, you know, go at a time when you're less likely to be burdened by douchebags. Say, a 5:30 or 6:30 weeknight showing?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the last time I went to a movie in the middle of the day on a Sunday. I thought no one would be seeing a horror flick Sunday, early afternoon. I as almost right, except for the group of rednecks hooting and hollaring at every turn and the two pre-teen girls behind me kicking my ex-girlfriend's seat. Shudder.

I agree with Guy Gabdois, but I would push it a little later even. 7 or 8 on a Tuesday or Wednesday night is usually pretty dead in my experience.

Or you could always move to Finland. ;)

Replicant said...

It was actually the first screening on a Saturday morning--before noon--so I thought I was safe from idiots.