Thursday, May 22, 2008


I'm off tomorrow for a couple of weeks in Lisbon + Madrid + Barcelona. Movies will be watched and I will judge these fellow moviegoers against the Finnish people from 2007. The Finns have set the bar very, very high for movie etiquette.

The Hidden Staircase will be on this trip with me and she has a digital camera so I might try to make some posts along the trip--you know, movie related tidbits, photos, updates...what else would I write about?

If you are really lucky I will locate a speedo and recreate a Borat-speedo moment on the beach in Barcelona, ha.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear about your trip(s)! Are you going to come over & visit us sometime?


Anonymous said...

Enjoy..cannot wait until you and NC Drew return! I love Spain. Thought about going again soon but now I'm going to South America next spring instead for the first time.


Janet in Seattle.

the hidden staircase said...

we looked at a couple of speedos and very teeny euro suits in shop windows and laughed and laughed. for me...i am relieved we didn't attempt that photo project! ha!

not to mention i only broke out bathing suit once to swim in a very cold, very small pool on the top of the hotel. i was with only 2 retired Scots who i'd met in the hotel...very nice people and said to me that cold gray evening..."lovely evening isn't it?"...they were lounging and reading and just thankful that it was DRY!