Friday, June 20, 2008


This Sunday I will go where few others have gone and come back the same: Indiana Jones marathon! When I say the word marathon I want to be taken literally. At around noon we (I will not be doing this alone, that would just be sad, wouldn't it?) will begin Raiders of the Lost Ark to be quickly followed by Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

A change of venues will occur so we can clear our heads of the first half of Indy-a-thon '08 and cook some chicken + other things on the grill. Then we will watch Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. We will then move to our third location of the day to see the latest, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (the title is not a good sign for the one I've dubbed "Geriatric Jones").

We hope to be finished around 10 that night after watching four films at three separate locations, grilling our dinner and spending the entire sunny, summery Sunday indoors. I should get some Robot cred points from a few readers for this, right?


PC said...

Hi Replicant,

You asked at my blog about the picture of Xochimilco? []

It's from a book called (from memory) 'Felix Candela: Shell Builder.' Damn good book. Love to get another copy.

PS: Good luck with your project.


Replicant said...

T-minus 18 minutes and counting until Indy-A-Thon '08 gets underway...

Replicant said...

11:05am, Mozi just got put in the kitchen, Raiders of the Lost Ark just began...

Anonymous said...

Definitely cred points awarded. As a kid I used to have regular movie marathons set up during the summer. I can safely say I have seen the original trilogy played all in a row, an experience I highly recommend to every serious film dork.

Cheers! Good luck making it through all four.

Replicant said...

Okay, Raiders is done--a perfect movie! I can watch this over and over. Here are some thoughts I jotted down as we watched it.

11.13am--Indy uses his bullwhip for the first time. I did a bullwhip count for the film--he used it 7 times. He used it for all kinds of things: knocking guns away, brushing off spiders, swinging over deep and deadly pits, ripping hot pokers out of bad Germans, fending off assassins, climbing tomb walls and holding onto it while being drug behind a military vehicle on a dirt road. That's varied bullwhip use!

11.32am--I see the lovely, freckled Karen Allen for the first time. I'm such a fan of hers really wish she was in Temple of Doom that is next.

11.50am--Nazi monkey is dead!

12.12pm--Snake room scene with thousands of snakes. It still gives me the creeps. I love how glass was used to shoot the close ups--no CGI!!!

12somethingpm--Face melting!

Three more films to go but these aren't going to top Raiders. Perfect film.

Replicant said...

Temple of Doom is over and we are 1/2 way through Indy-A-Thon '08.

I haven't seen Temple of Doom since its release in 1984 and boy is it a step down from Raiders. Kind of cheesy in places with not nearly the edge of your seat thrills of part one.

One problem--Karen Allen is replaced by Kate Capshaw as the female love interest. Capshaw was either dating Spielberg or married to him when this was made. Capshaw is whiny and annoying the entire film and nowhere near Allen's spitfire and sexy character. Same goes for the irritating kid in this.

1.55pm--Use of CGI looks terrible in the lifeboat-down-a-mountain scene. They should have stuck with traditional stunts/techniques. Lots of bad early CGI throughout the film it looks like.

2.16pm--38 minutes into the film and still no bullwhip! What is going on here?

2.31pm--Finally, 52 minutes in and there is bullwhip usage--Indy hangs a guy from a ceiling fan which was pretty cool. Compared to the 7 uses of bullwhip in Raiders, there was only 5 uses in Temple, the bulk of which was at the end of the film. That right there sums up the differences between part one and part two--give us more bullwhip and Karen Allen back!

Replicant said...

Change of venue for part three--over at Fitzhume's house. We're gonna watch Last Crusade, grill some chicken, corn etc during an hour long break and then catch part four of Indy-A-Thon tonight at either 7.25 or 8.05, depending on grill time.

Replicant said...

Couldn't get to computer after Last Crusade as we had to head to the theatre so here's my thoughts on part 3--Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

4.27pm--only fifteen minutes into the film and I know this is going to be way better than Temple of Doom. That film was actually kind of cheesy and not that great--especially watching it after the classic that is Raiders.

# of bullwhips: 3

Replicant said...

It's 10:37pm and we just finished part four, over 11 hours after we started this morning! It was a long day lost in the haze of Indy. Crystal Skull had some fun moments...glad to see Karen Allen back...but Indy has to be about 60+ and it was hard to believe he was fighting, jumping all over the place, running etc etc w/out getting hurt at that age.

We had lots of Indy today and lots of good food and lots of sitting in front of the tv or movie screen. A good day.

# of bullwhips: 3

Replicant said...

Okay, if I was going to rank the films I would rank them in this order:

1/ Raiders
2/ Last Crusade
3/ Crystal Skull
4/ Temple of Doom

Fitzhume ranked them the exact same order.

Sytenn ranked them slightly different:

1/ Last Crusade
2/ Raiders
3/ Crystal Skull
4/ Temple of Doom