Thursday, June 02, 2011

May movies

Seven of the twenty-one films I saw in May were documentaries. This might be due to the huge amount of streamers on Netflix that are docs. Overall, nine of the films for the month were streamers. I guess I am a fan of the streamer! Watched a couple of Sidney Lumet films [Running on Empty, Dog Day Afternoon] to refresh myself in just how great he was as a director. I also re-confirmed that 3D truly sucks when every time I see something in this ridiculous format gives me a massive headache [Cave of Forgotten Dreams]. Next post in two days will be a complete recap of my nine film Memorial holiday weekend binge!

Jane Eyre---2011---england   ****
Running on Empty---1988---usa   ****
Cinema Verite---2011---usa   ***
Something Borrowed---2011---usa   **
Bridesmaids---2011---usa   ****
In a Better World---2010---denmark   ***
Looking For Eric---2009---england   ***1/2
Synth Britannia---2009---england   *****!
Victory---1981---usa    ***
Queen to Play---2010---france   ***
Between the Folds---2008---usa    ***1/2
William Eggleston in the Real World----2005---usa    **1/2
The Stalking Moon---1968---usa   ***1/2
Hobo with a Shotgun---2011---usa    **1/2
Until September---1984---usa   **1/2
Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold---2011---usa   ***
L'Amour Fou---2010---france   **
Working Girl---1988---usa   ****
Cave of Forgotten Dreams---2011---usa   ***
Dog Day Afternoon---1975---usa   ****
The Man Who Would Be Polka King---2009---usa   ***1/2


Eva said...

I really liked that Jane Eyre movie, too! I've seen quite a few versions of it and mostly like them anyway because it's such a good story. One of the best biographies I ever read (yep, every now and then a non-movie biography happens) was Rebecca Fraser's biography on the Brontes (on all of them); I really devoured that one.

Strangely, I have never seen the Orson Welles-Joan Fontaine version. Some people really love it, others hate it. I have this total antipathy against Joan Fontaine right now. Hers was the only (auto)biography that really really sucked in a long time. I find her petty, flat and totally self-absorbed. She starts her book saying that the last thing she wants to do is bad-mouth anyone, and then her whole book is nothing but that! Every detail of what every person ever did to her. I can't even stand to look at her right now. She's pretty flat and boring in movies, too, I find. (Go Olivia!)

Oh, Working Girl, so good, will have to watch that again soon! Something Borrowed, yeah, not so good. I read the book two years ago (I think Giffin writes some pretty good and entertaining chick lit) but the movie, no. Want to see Bridesmaids this week.

Joshua Blevins Peck said...


I actually have a couple of bios in my book queue--one on Warren Beatty and a Clint Eastwood one. Both are fairly recent releases.

Let me know what you think of I wrote last week, I thought it was pretty funny.

Eva said...

Wow - it was MASSIVE amount of fun!!! And I hate weddings (yes, I'm female and I hate weddings which makes me a monster) so it was funny to enjoy a movie that is called Bridesmaids. Then again, I enjoyed Wedding Crashers too. Maybe I'm ok to go to movies where the wedding stuff is already in the title? They usually turn out better than all those many movies that spring pukey weddings on you out of nowhere.
(as I'm writing this, I realize that's not necessarily true, wasn't there something shuddery Wedding planner or something involving Jennifer Lopez, oh, block from memory). Too bad theories don't work out 100%. But yes, this was the most fun movie in a long time.