Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2001 statistics!

In 2001 I moved to New York City for a year, but my overall movie watching declined in terms of sheer numbers. I lived in Queens, in the Greek neighborhood of Astoria. I really loved living in Astoria. I guess I was way too busy doing other things to see a ton of movies--there were lots of concerts and the N train ride into Manhattan to grapple with when I wanted to go see something. I rarely rented movies or watched any via cable either. Pretty much all of these were seen in theatres from what I can remember.

In my notes at the back of Kinetoscope 2001 I made a top ten for the year. A few of these I'm surprised to see on here looking at it ten years later. It went something like this:

1/ In the Bedroom [usa]
2/ Mulholland Drive [usa]
3/ In the Mood for Love [hong kong]
4/ Amelie [france]
5/ Eureka [japan]
6/ The Others [spain]
7/ Together [sweden]
8/ Moulin Rouge! [usa]
9/ Memento [usa]
10/ Happy Accidents [usa]

Total: 150

By Decade

1930-39: 2
1940-49: 6
1950-59: 3
1960-69: 6
1970-79: 7
1980-89: 11
1990-99: 30
2000+: 84

Where I Saw 'Em

Astoria, New York: 64
Manhattan, New York: 61
Pryor Creek, Oklahoma: 16
Tulsa, Oklahoma: 5
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma; Dallas, texas; Weir's Beach, New Hampshire; West Palm Beach, Florida: 1

Who I Saw 'Em With

17--Robert Schrader
12--Lillian Blevins
5--Molly Torsen
3--Shane Davis
2--Sherrill Davis; Betty Gore; Beth Page;
1--Norma Stone; Missy Torsen; Ingrid ?

By Country

99--US and A!
8--Hong Kong/China
2--Belgium; Canada; South Korea
1--Australia; Bosnia; Denmark; Iran; Mexico; Spain; Sweden

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