Sunday, June 12, 2011

Meek's Cutoff poster

I've written about so many subject connected to movies over the six years [yes, six years!] I've been doing CineRobot, but I recently realized that if there is one topic that I've under explored all these years, it is the art of the movie poster. I am not sure why I haven't written about them regularly because I love graphic design and there are literally thousands to look at and admire [or loathe]. There are so many that I might have to put some parameters to what ones I discuss, like it has to be a movie I love, hate, want to see or from a director/actor/actress I like [or loathe, ha]. We'll see. I'm going to have a couple of posts a month on posters and would love some guest contributions if you are a regular reader and have something you want to see/write about.

To start off my poster worship is Meek's Cutoff, a 2011 release from the very talented director Kelly Reichardt [Old Joy, Wendy and Lucy]. This tale about people travelling through Oregon in the 1840s can't come to a Tulsa theatre fast enough! This poster is crisp, clean and taps into the era that it is set in perfectly. I love the old-fashioned look of the image of Michelle Williams and how it resembles something from a long-gone style of printing. There's some other posters for Meek's Cutoff and I don't understand that at all, this is clearly the most striking of the bunch.


Eva said...

I saw this movie a few weeks ago, and several people walked out of it. I don't get it! I was just saying yesterday that I love scenes (both in books and movies), atmospheres, faces, situations, for themselves. I don't always need a traditional plot. A lot of people seem to need introduction, complication, conflict, climax, resolution. Walking out, though, wow.

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

I think it comes to Tulsa in a couple of weeks. Her films haven't been the usual mainstream sort of movies, but that's part of the appeal for me. I saw 4 or 5 people walk out of THE BEAVER when I watched it last week, but seems rare when I notice people bolting.

Eva said...

The movie that I saw most people walk out of at a cinema was Closer (with Natalie Portman, Clive Owens etc.)

What was yours?

And have you ever walked out on any? I don't think I have, but the closest I came to it was The Devil's Own because I thought it monumentally bad and boring.

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

The last film I remember walking out of was in 1989 while watching a horrible comedy called PERFECT SIGHT. It had Bronson Pinchot as a psychic helping a detective. I just looked it up on IMDB--it gets a 3.8! I even remember what theatre I was at even though that was 22 years ago--Woodland Hills Cinema in Tulsa. It's since been torn down for a Wal-Mart.

I tend to stay until the bitter end if I've paid for it. I'm sure I've been really tempted--like the recent TINY FURNITURE--but I usually stay.