Saturday, June 25, 2011

Vomit-O-Meter update!

As you may remember, I am keeping track of a new statistic this year in my 2011 film watching journal Kinetoscope. I track things like what movies I've seen, who I saw them with, the country of the film and things like that. This year I'm marking down every time I see a film with someone vomiting at some point in the movie. Since the year is nearly half over I thought I'd give an update of the total.

I've seen 118 movies as of June 25th and 15 had some kind of puke scene in it. That's a percentage of 13%. Aren't you glad I'm keeping tabs on this sort of film statistic?


Eva said...

hahaha, it's definitely too much puke. I don't think the average person pukes 15 out of 118 days. I'm not a good standard to go by, though, I think I have only done it two or three times in my life. Something wrong with me. I was on a terrible boat ride between Sicily and Malta and I think everyone on that boat puked except me. But I was still just as miserably seasick as everyone else.


but even people with stronger stomach don't do it as often I venture to say, unless they have areal drinking problem or are pregnant.

So what's the most common puke scenario in movies that you have noticed? Are there patterns? After a crime, seeing a crime scene? Or just being totally drunk?

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

There seems to be a lot of throwing up due to fear or because they've seen something horrific and shocking. Some drunkenness too I suppose. One guy got punched in the gut and promptly threw up.

I'm glad the total has been shrinking!