Sunday, March 01, 2009

February movies

Since I didn't see many films in February, here's a brief opinion of all the ones I did see.

American Teen---2008---usa *** Glossy doc set in Indiana high school that attempts to be a real life Breakfast Club. Kind of artificial feeling. If I was in high school--I'd have the biggest crush for the artsy girl Hannah.

I've Loved You So Long---2008---france **** Very somber and serious French film that is blessed with a knockout performance by Kristin Scott Thomas. A bit slow at start but that's a strength as the story unfolds.

My Brother Is An Only Child---2007---italy ***1/2 This was good but not as good as the director's previous film The Best of Youth. Similar themes--family life and politics and how the two subjects affect one another in Italian culture.

Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist---2008---usa **1/2 I wanted to like this teen directed romantic comedy but it just didn't do it for me. I actually feel kind of sorry for teenagers now with the dreck that is about their lives (except for Juno, now that was good).

Slumdog Millianaire---2008---england **** I rewatched this with Scott since he hadn't seen it.

Gran Torino---2008---usa **** Another rewatch with Scott; I actually liked it better the second time--long review of this coming soon.

Pink Panther 2---2009---usa *1/2 I didn't pay for this so don't accuse me of giving my $$$ to remakes! This is absolute garbage though. Just terrible. The 1/2 star is for Emily Mortimer, one of my favorites. I hope she got something nice with the money.

Dirty Harry---1971---usa *****! Watched this again for first time in 20+ years--viva Blu-Ray! It's Clint with a sneer and a .357. Loved seeing the gritty, San Francisco setting, all neon lights and strip joints.

The Garden---2008---usa ***1/2 Heartbreaking doc about a group of Mexican-American farmers who have taken over a 14 acre green space after the L.A. riots. They've created this magical area of plants, trees and vegetation. Until the city wants to take it from them.


Guy Gadbois said...

Let me look into my crystal ball & predict your Gran Torino review will have a rant about the prevalence of being "pc" in current society.

Replicant said...

Guy--Wrong! There's no mention of that whatsoever. I might take the time to go after Michael Bay again though, ha.