Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March movies

My favorite film of the month was one I've seen five or six times--The Big Lebowski. Every time I see this movie it seems funnier, quirkier and just better. I'm eager to rewatch it in a few years! We showed it for the midnight movie series at the Circle (poster by Fritschie to the left) and had a short, impromptu trivia contest before the film where we gave away a rug and a balling ball. Earlier in the night a small group of us went bowling and I opened with two strikes before it went downhill from there. It was a fun night of bowling and The Dude. Lots of mediocre films in March.

---1972---england ***
Waltz With Bashir---2008---israel ***
The President's Analyst---1967---usa ***
Che, part one---2008---usa ***1/2
Love Songs---2008---france ***1/2
Tokyo!---2008---japan ***
The Class---2008---france ***1/2
The War Bride---2001---uk or canada ***
Happy Hour---2003---usa **1/2
The Big Lebowski---1998---usa *****!
Tulsa---1949---usa **
Wendy and Lucy---2008---usa ****
The Boss of It All---2006---denmark ***1/2
I Love You, Man---2009---usa ***1/2

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