Thursday, March 19, 2009

When do you press stop?

Everyone has a stopping point. You know, you are watching a film that you don't like and a decision must be reached. Pick a reason--it's boring, the acting is terrible, it's annoying, it's just not any good. You pick up the remote and press stop. You then move onto something else in your life. My question for you is this: what was the final moment or the last film you were watching when you had enough and went over the edge to the stopping point?

I had such a moment recently. I was watching the 1975 cult French film The Beast (La Bete) and right off the bat there is a very graphic scene of horse on horse copulation. I'm talking erection, quivering and ejaculation graphic. Horses. For a minute or two. I think to myself--"Okay, it is French, it's a controversial film in some circles, an extended horse sex scene in the first three minutes, while not my thing, it's understandable." I keep watching.

About ten minutes later there is a second scene of two horses getting it on! That was my moment of remembering of the other things I could be doing--I pressed stop. I don't feel guilty at all. I just won't watch The Beast and who knows how many more sex scenes the kinky, equine obsessed director might have put in the movie.

Evidently I have a stopping point: multiple + detailed lovemaking scenes between horses. But that's just me--what is your stopping point or what was the last film you stopped watching and never returned to?


Nadine Hightower said...

I give a movie a few minutes and then I'm out! I tried twice to watch In Bruge just becuz Colin Ferrel supposed to be good in it. I'm not a fan of his at all.
But I just couldn't. Too slow. or To dark. Just didn't make sense.

Horse sex....were these people city folk and thought it was new or something??

bb said...

I can't really think of something specific, like horse sex, that makes me want to turn something off. Usually, when I wish everyone would just die some horrible death, then I turn it off.

the hidden staircase said... sex. i can see that being your breaking point...b'c you are the one person who has always prided himself on persevering through a film. what is it you say to make a horse stop? 'whoa'!

Vern Snackwell said...

i think i walked out on lost in space. i wish i pressed stop on my name is bruce.

Rumblefish said...

Someone pressed stop on In Bruges? That baffles me. That's such an amazing movie.

To Replicant: Do not watch "Zoo."

As Nick Hornby once wrote: "You are allowed to walk out."

Replicant said...

Rumblefish: Is ZOO the doc regarding a human/horse sex fetish? I seem to recall a doc about that a couple of years ago.

Vern: I can't believe a Bruce Campbell film could be that bad!