Sunday, March 22, 2009

CineRobot propaganda poster

Talented local graphic designer/artist Dan Fritschie has been designing one of a kind posters for the monthly midnight movie series at Circle Cinema. These posters have been very popular with people around town since each one is unique to the particular film--it's like having a piece of art + a one of kind poster for a film that is unlike anything used for the regular promotion of the movie.

With that in mind, Dan has created a piece of propaganda for CineRobot to help spread the message: cinema + robot = CineRobot!

Dan also writes the blog Random Thought Patterns (link is on my links section to the left), curates the local Personality of Cult art project, is a burgeoning stand up comic and is an all around swell guy.


Anonymous said...

Killer design! Very Metropolis-esque. Kudos to Dan!

Rumblefish said...

That's a beautiful design. Does Dan Fritschie do Flatstock shows?

Replicant said...

What's a flatstock show? I can get his e-mail to you if you want it.