Friday, March 13, 2009

This week's remakes

Well, Hollywood has decided to release not one but two remakes this week. Pretty soon that is all we'll get--new versions of films we've already seen. You can go the horror route (and gee, how long will it be until another horror film from the '70s or '80s is out?) and choose The Last House On the Left. Or, you can go the more kid friendly path of Race to Witch Mountain. Either way--you lose. Boycott!!!


Anonymous said...

Damn, annoying enough when they were once a year, but twice a week? Yeez, get some new ideas already.

Nadine Hightower said...

They can't come up with anything orginal so they remake old movies. And you know if they did and new version of Casablanca there would be a revolution!
It's bad enough they are redoing all the Batman movies and turning Batman into something that's dark and tortured. We walked outta the theater underwhelmed.
Just as we did for the last Indy movie. I felt cheated. I was totally happy watching him ride off into the sunset with Sean Connery.
I thought Gammon looked sick. I wonder if he had been ill.