Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday break

I've kept good on my promise to post every three days but I'm going to take a week off while in New York. I'll be getting some new inspiration for posts. Hopefully.

I'll be back on January 1st and plan on keeping up the every 3rd day effort into 2009. Upcoming posts include The Delman, more Danish films, reviews of Cloverfield and Let the Right One In and the much anticipated posting of the 2008 stats. I know people want to see those stats!


Guy Gadbois said...

You would have loved it:

Watched "Doubt" last week & sat near an elderly couple who, thorough the entire movie & at normal volume, kept asking "What'd he say?" & "Huh?" & explaining to each other what was going on in the movie. Oh how I longed for a fog horn to induce their heart attacks.

Replicant said...

You should have aggressively confronted them--I don't care how old they were. Lessons need to be learned!