Monday, December 01, 2008

November movies

During my recent Ghost Town review I mentioned my fondness for the romantic comedy genre--November is proof of that. I saw ten films that would fit into that category (although the Danish film Kick 'N Rush would be more in the drama even though it has some biting humor to it) including the most mainstream style romantic comedy of them all--27 Dresses. It doesn't get more formulaic Hollywood than that.

I saw one of the worst films I'll watch all year in November--the overwrought, pretentious mess of Big Time. I only suffered through it because I'm into Mia Sara and hadn't seen this film that is basically an ode to her. Terrible film unfortunately. Only her magnificent eyebrows saved this from getting a dreaded one star! Happy-Go-Lucky will likely find itself in my top ten for new releases for the year.

Funny Face---1957---usa ****
A Yank at Oxford---1938---usa ****
Happy-Go-Lucky---2008---england ****
The Heartbreak Kid---2007---usa ***
Kick 'N Rush---2003---denmark ***1/2
Dark Blue Almost Black---2006---spain ***
The Who at Kilburn 1977---2008---england *****!
Ghost Town---2008---usa ****
Trouble the Water---2008---usa ***
Old Men In New Cars---2002---denmark ***1/2
Nerdcore Rising---2008---usa ***1/2
Big Time---1989---usa *1/2
Zack and Miri Make a Porno---2008---usa ***
Standing Still---2006---usa **1/2
27 Dresses---2007---usa **1/2
No Man of Her Own---1932---usa **1/2
You Can't Take It With You---1938---usa *****!


nicnichols said...

Reading your reviews has inspired me to track down an Indie video shop that sells tons of obscure dvd's.. we stopped in last night and stocked up! Keep up the great work!

Replicant said...

Thanks! I love it when people say they want to go to an "indie" video shop...rather than blockbuster and that ilk.