Friday, January 02, 2009

December movies

December was a good month--thirteen of the twenty films I saw I rated **** or up, including four scores of five. Highlights were rewatching Casino on Blu-Ray and Preston Sturges films in NYC. The big disappointment was Charlie Kaufman's directorial debut Synecdoche, New York. I thought it was a failure. An emotional disconnect for me. Oh, well.

After the Wedding
---2007---denmark ****

High Fidelity---2000---usa ****
Charlie Wilson's War---2007---usa ****
Bloody Reunion---2006---south korea **1/2
Synecdoche, New York---2008---usa **1/2
Ashes of Time Redux---2008 (via 1994)---hong kong ***1/2
King of California---2007---usa ***1/2
Dirty Driving---2008---usa ***1/2
Casino---1995---usa ****1/2
Cloverfield---2008---usa ****
Vicky Christina Barcelona---2008---usa ****
Let the Right One In---2008---sweden ****
You Can't Take It With You---1938---usa *****!
Freaky Friday---1977---usa ***
Twentieth Century---1934---usa **
The Great McGinty---1940---usa ****
Sullivan's Travels---1941---usa *****!
The Miracle of Morgaon's Creek---1944---usa *****!
Hail the Conquering Hero---1944---usa ****
The Lady Eve---1941---usa *****!


Fritschie said...

I caught Let The Right One In this afternoon. After decades of pansy-assed big-screen bloodsuckers* there's finally a vampire flick that gave me chills.

*Note to Francis Ford Coppolla: Seriously, how could you possibly screw up Gary Oldman as Dracula? A twelve year old girl just made your Dracula look like a clerk at Hot Topic.

Replicant said...

Yes! Funny. I have a review of LET THE RIGHT ONE IN next week. One of my favorites of 2008--I can't get it out of my head.