Saturday, December 20, 2008

David Lynch interview

David Lynch was interviewed by Deborah Solomon for the New York Times; published on November 23, 2008, this is a portion of that interview.

Solomon: How do you feel about someone watching your films--Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive--on a laptop?
Lynch: More and more people are seeing films on computers--lousy sound, lousy picture--and they think they've seen the film, but they really haven't.

Solomon: Because the small screen emphasizes plot over visuals?
Lynch: It's a pathetic horror story.

Solomon: On the other hand, you do appear on countless computer screens ever day, giving a weather report from your home in Los Angeles, on your Web site.
Lynch: Peope are kind of interested in weather. It's not artistic. It's just me sitting there in my painting studio.

Solomon: Who films you?
Lynch: It's a camera that comes down out of the ceiling.

Solomon: Do you see yourself as an American Surrealist?
Lynch: Dennis Hopper called me that, and that is the way he sees it. It's more than just Surrealism to me.

: I think of you as someone who transported the noir sensibility from the city into a Norman Rockwell setting. What do you think of his paintings?
Lynch: I love his work. It's like Edward Hopper. They see a certain thing, and they catch it.

...I posted this just for the great DL photo...and he loathes watching films on computers...

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