Sunday, January 29, 2006

"Top5" in 2005

Okay, I know a lot of y'all have a "Top5" group of actors or actresses who grace a favorite spot in your heart because we've discussed it over the years. I'm talking people you both love to see in movies and who you just love to see. Period.

The Top5 list could be lustful, could be an obsession to stalk, could be someone you think is just cool who you want to hang out with and go eat fondue. Whatever. Just leave your own Top5 in the comments--and if I "know you" know you, please put initials or something so I'll know it's you.

My Top5 philosophy usually means it's someone I've seen in movies that year or recently--whether new or old films. If they take a hiatus for a few years, I drop 'em. But that's just me. My current Top5 reads like this...

1/ Rachel Weisz. Just look at the photo! She's a longtime member of the Top5 list and has been at the top since 2002 and will be on it '06 and '07. Heck, she might even challenge Winona Ryder for longest span of time on the Top5.
2/ Zooey Deschanel. Not only fetching but seems like she'd be very cool to know and hang out with.
3/ Scarlett Johansson. Reeks of Hollywood star of old--not a lot of the stars nowadays can say the same.
4/ Eva Green. Freckled French actress who is hard to miss in The Dreamers and The Kingdom of Heaven.
5/ Morena Baccarin. From Serenity/Firefly...Likely one timer as I doubt I see her in anything this year but she played the sexiest and classiest space prostitute ever in the series and film.

Dropped out of the Top5: Paz Vega, Emily Mortimer and Rosario Dawson.

Update, January 30th. I saw Match Point tonight and I'm gonna have to put Emily Mortimer and her quirky British charm back in at #5. Goodbye Morena, just haven't seen you in enough.

Dropped out of the Top5 but was put back in: Emily Mortimer.

So, this is my list until at least summer comes, ha.

Rachel Weisz, Zooey Deschanel, Scarlett Johansson, Eva Green and Emily Mortimer.

Don't be chicken...what's your Top5?


Replicant said...

I forgot to mention that Johansson, Green and Baccarin were all first time members of my Top5.

Laura said...

Here's mine : Top 5

Diamond Lil said...

1--Robert Duvall
2--Ed Harris
3--Kris Kristofferson
4--Tom Sellock
5--Bill Clinton

Roosevelt said...

Here's my top 5 -->

5. Katie Holmes - quickly falling out of favor due to her poor judgement with Tom Mapother but still a top fiver.

4. Naomi Watts - simple but yet sophisticated

3. Charlize Theron - versatile actress not afraid to step out of the usual role

2. Jennifer Connelly - what's not to like about her.

1. Scarlett Johansson - classic beauty that has not been seen since the days of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn

Brandon said...

Like Laura, I decided to write a post of my own about this. But I couldn't break it down to only five so I split it up by sexes. Today you get the actresses, tomorrow the actors.

So here's my Top 5 actresses.

Xtine said...

my top 5 changes every 5 mins.

Jory-san said...

ok...ok... I'm sorry: Jessica Alba will always win me over. It's too bad we never had cable and I had to start with Dark Angel. meow!

Monica Belluci(sp?)- she's just a beautiful woman

The only good part in Alexander (well the elephants were pretty cool)- Rosario Dawson

The other two spots keep changing, depending what's on Japanese CATV.

Anonymous said...

5. Kyle McLaughlin (spelling? dude from Twin Peaks, Where the Day Takes You, Showgirls)

4. Judd Nelson (one actor that never got his due!! Relentless, Breakfast Club)

3. Kathy Bates (very versatile actress, Misery to Fried Green Tomatos)

2. Keanu Reeves (psyche, I'd pick Ron Jeremy before that) Sean Connery would probablly be number two. Although Roger Moore is my favorite James Bond.

1. Matt Dillon (great actor, picks great projects Outsiders, Drug Store Cowboy)


Jory-san said...

Surely Matt's done some good stuff since the outsiders and drugstore cowboy! But at least your list is based on talent. I wouldn't say mine is based on talent alone or even talent at all...

Replicant said...

matt dillon actually got nominated this year for supporting actor for CRASH. he's really good in it.

my Top5 list is more lust based (or stalking based as my mom diamond lil refers to it), with talent thrown in too. good actresses who i lust is another way to put it. haven't decided if eva green is a good actress just yet.

Jory-san said...

Wait a second. I meant to add Eva Mendes to my list.

Matt Dillon: I liked City of Ghosts and There's Something About Mary.

Anonymous said...

Charlize Theron
Scarlett Johanssen
keira knightley
natalie portman
halle berry

the hidden staircase said...

1 rhys ifans - welsh, tall, versatile as all get-out, he doesn't own a cell phone and he's goofy

2 takeshi kineshiro - mixed asian beauty who can act and who hates the spotlight

3 diego luna - like sweet mexican hot chocolate!

4 gael garcia bernal - another mexican hottie and brave

5 ewan mcgregor - i don't like all the films he's in, but he will try anything and his smile and laugh make me melt. he's always worth watching. lots of respect for him in long way round...