Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Scorecard for 2005

Call me a film buff, geek, nerd, cineaste, cinephile or cinerobot, I don't care. It's true. Since 1998 I've kept a detailed record of every film I've seen, who I was with, where it was at and other items. Here's the scorecard for 2005. I'll post the career #s for 1998-2005 one of these days.

2005: 228 films seen.

By Month: January--21, February--16, March--20, April--21, May: 12, June--22, July--25, August--14, September--19, October--18, November--20, December--17.

By Decade: 1920-29--1, 1930-39--1, 1940-49--3, 1950-59--1, 1960-69--7, 1970-79--21, 1980-89--16, 1990-99--25, 2000+--154.

In A Theatre: 103

Documentaries: 35

Where I Saw 'Em: Tulsa, Okla.--139, Norman, Okla.--39, Oklahoma City, Okla.--24, Pryor Creek, Okla.--12, New York, NY--7, 1 for Branson, Missouri, Siloam Springs & Springdale, Arkansas, Ft. Worth & Dallas, texas.

By Country: USA--190, England--8, France--5, South Korea--4, 3 for Germany & Thailand, 2 for Italy, Hong Kong & Hungary, 1 for India, Mexico, Japan, China, Sweden, Chile, Denmark & Israel.

Who I Was With: Alone--211, Lillian H--10, Gunter B--7, 4 for Donnie B & Rob S, 2 for Kylie B & Paige B, 1 for Kelly H, Shawn S, Sheri B, Scott B, Shane D, Chuck I & Cameron M.

Tearjerkers: 13

Drive-In: 2

It was a real low year for seeing foreign and older films while also seeing way too many films alone. All things I'm trying to alter in 2006's scorecard.

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