Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New year's resolutions

I never make New Year's Resolutions but I'm going to make three of them connected to my film watching in 2006.

1/ Watch more foreign movies. I saw 228 films in 2005 and only 36 were from another country. That's too few as I usually see many more than that when I've lived in Seattle or New York. I'm going to have to rely on Netflix to increase the total this year. I am going to Seattle for 2/3 weeks in the spring for their film fest, so that will help a lot. Plus a trip to Japan later in the year will get me some Japanese film watching I'm sure.

2/ Watch more older films. In 2005 I only saw 34 films from the 1970s or earlier. I need to watch fewer middle of the road newer films and watch more old films that deserve to watched or re-watched. Turner Classic needs to become a best friend of mine this year.

3/ Watch more films with other people instead of watching them alone. Seeing films with other people make the films more social and I watch far too many of them alone.


thehiddenstaircase said...

i hearby steal your resolutions as well. they fit for me too! also, i add with the foreigns to rent more multi-region dvds from scarecrow!

Replicant said...

when i come out there in may, believe me, the multi-region will be used and scarecrow utilized.