Friday, January 06, 2006

Android #3--welcome back award

2005 saw the welcome return of the very talented Robert Downey Jr. and he receives the "Welcome Back" ANDROID.

There's never been a question about his talents but the issue has always been the mess of his life due to drug addiction. I am hoping this was the first year of Downey's career rebirth and the straight/narrow as he can dazzle onscreen in the right role.

Downey is starting to look his age with lines in his face. The wear and tear is going to make him a terrific character actor if he chooses to do more ensemble roles that pull him back from his tendency to go over the top performance wise.

Downey was stellar in two good films this year--Good Night, and Good Luck and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. He's got a bunch of films coming up in the next year so he's getting a second, or third, or fourth chance. Hopefully he'll make the most of it.


Xtine said...

Good Choice...we tend to forget how many times he can stage a comeback.

Replicant said...

After seeing Randy Quaid in BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, I'm thinking I should have given him the co-welcome back Android.

I've always been a fan of his quirky style--he's much more interesting than his "everyman" younger brother Dennis. Randy had a small but juicy role in Brokeback and also had a nice small role in THE ICE HARVEST.

Welcome back Randy!