Friday, January 20, 2006

Android #8--most annoying

The obvious winner here is “Grinnin’” Tom Cruise but I’m not going to choose him because that’s too easy. Cruise was a nitwit of epic proportions in 2005.

Cruise meets Katie Holmes and evidently goes crazy in lurve from her kisses and batting eyelashes as he’s jumping up and down on Oprah like a nut, railing against psychiatry and Brooke Shields on vapid network TV, getting into it with people at movie premieres and who knows what else. The guy is a grade-A doofus who can’t act either.

The ANDROID for most annoying person of 2005 goes to…

Jude Law. This guy is an idiot. His first offense is he has to be in 25% of all the films released recently and delivers the same stale performance in all of them.

His second offense is he dumps his wife and mother of his children (actress Sadie Frost) for younger actress Sienna Miller.

Third offense, Law can’t control his desires and seduces the nanny! This costs him the affections of Miller for a few weeks (and wins him an ANDROID!). This is Hollywood though and Law is obviously a smooth talker, so last I heard he and Miller were back together. At least until Law sees some hot as hell barista that he has to have right then and there.


Laura said...

I could only hope that instead of a hot barista, some cute file clerk might catch his eye.

I'd really have to give it Tom Cruise on this one. Not only is he crazy, but he's self-righteous, a quality that I abhor above almost any other.

the hidden staircase said...

yep, i agree. he had so much potential...i liked him in gattaca and that crazy cronenberg movie eXistenZ, but his celeb, ego and libido has overshadowed any talent that he ever had. pathetic...i will steer away from seeing something if he's in it...