Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Werner Herzog reads Curious George

I always love Werner Herzog's unique narration in his documentaries,
so to hear him read a children's book like "Curious George" gives
it a whole new perspective. Werner takes it to a darker place
thanks to his teutonic accent. Get the kiddies next to the screen
for some Werner!


Detrola said...

OMG this is hilarious in so many ways. Wonder if there is a way I can get Werner's voice for my voicemail message!

Eva said...

Ohmygod - I can barely believe this. I worked as a nanny for a year, and I often read Curious George to the little girl I was watching (she had just turned three). I have a very special connection to this very story. The little girl did not (as many little children do) like the phone - it's probably spooky to them, just a disconnected voice that they don't know where it comes from. She didn't even like to speak to her own mother on it when she called during the day to see if all was well. Sometimes she would listen to her mother (but not speak back) and when she had enough of the phone she pressed any random button on it to cut her off. Sometimes she would even do when I was speaking with the mother, and a couple of times I scolded her not to "press buttons". I guess we'd had a few phone mishaps when we read the Curious George story. Shortly after the story she developed some serious panic about the phone and police cars and firemen etc. She would be all worried and crying and really really afraid and fly to me with high anxiety. I really wasn't getting behind all this! I hadn't made the connection. After quite some time I understood that she made the connection with Curious George and "pressing buttons" on the phone and she was really scared she was going to be arrested and put in jail. It hardly even helped to tell her that little children aren't put in jail, I could calm her down a hundred times and it was still bad. I asked her why she feared jail so much and she answered straightaway "because in jail there is no food and no mommies".

The fear she went through for weeks! And I don't even have that accent!