Wednesday, April 20, 2011

2000 statistics!

Let's go to the year 2000 and the statistics for that year. I got to travel some, including a month or so in Seattle gorging myself at the Seattle International Film Festival. That was good fun. 2000 was also a more social year watching movies as my solitude was quite a bit less. Here's my year in movies...Plus, check out the beard I had in the mid-90s to the right of the "I [Heart] Bigfoot" sticker.

Total: 264

By month

January: 21
February: 19
March: 9
April: 20
May: 49
June: 45
July: 24
August: 14
September: 21
October: 15
November: 15
December: 11

By decade

1920-29: 3
1930-39: 6
1940-49: 11
1950-59: 9
1960-69: 8
1970-79: 8
1980-89: 17
1990-99: 137
2000: 64

Where I saw 'em

84--Pryor Creek, Oklahoma
75--Seattle, Washington
56--Norman, Oklahoma
31--Tulsa, Oklahoma
6--Dallas, texas
5--New York, New York
2--Rapid City, South Dakota
1--Bozeman, Montana; Missoula, Montana; Muskogee, Oklahoma; Springdale, Arkansas; West Palm Beach, Florida

Who I saw 'em with

21--Lillian Blevins
18--Otis Hoover
13--Laura Ballay
10--Nancy Churillo
9--Shane Davis
8--Bobby Ahn
4--Sherrill Davis
3--Seth Jones
2--Amy Cargill, Emily McNichols, Joshua McNichols, Robert Schrader
1--Sara Booker, Scott Booker, Donnie Bostwick, Shelley Faught, Denny Kelly, Pedro Koo, Victoria Nguyen, Michael Ninburg, Chuck Wootten, Rig ?, Shirl ?

By country

166--US and A!
13--China/Hong Kong [for some reason I didn't split these two in 2000, not sure why]
12--Italy, Japan
2--Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Taiwan
1--Austria, Brazil, Ethiopia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Slovenia, South Korea, Turkey, Venezuela

In a theatre: 126
Documentaries: 23

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