Monday, May 02, 2011

Dream drive-in double feature for Tulsa World

Recently I was asked by the Tulsa World to pick out a couple of films I'd show as a dream double-feature at the rebuilt Admiral Twin Drive-In in Tulsa. Go here  and scroll down if you want to see what two films I chose--two wildly different movies, but each personal favorites of mine.

If you didn't know, the Admiral Twin, which burned to the ground last year, is being rebuilt in 2011. Tulsa without the Admiral Twin is not Tulsa so I am eager to see it reborn all modern in 21st century refinement. The photo is of the original entrance sign that I wish they'd also bring back and repaint.

If you have a dream double-feature, I'd love to know it. I had a hard time narrowing my choice down to these two. The link seems to be kind of off/on for some choices were Bad News Bears and Days of Heaven. If the link is faulty for you, google "tulsa world dream drive-in double feature" or some combo of that and it should come up if you want to read why I chose those films.


Joshua Blevins Peck said...

Not sure what is up w/ the link--it works and then it doesn't work. It might be easier if you google "tulsa world dream drive-in" and it should pop up.

hidden staircase said...

so cool they are rebuilding it! and i agree that they need to bring the old sign back...or at least a good retro-looking one...very cool. so...on those hot summer nights, people can deal with no a/c at the drive-in?! i could...but i know you a/c fanatics! have to think about the dream d-f...

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

Yes, that's the worst thing about the drive-in during the summer for me--no air conditioning! I love my AC, ha.

hidden staircase said...

i took a poll from a few of my co-workers (and a neighbor) about a drive-in dream double-feature!

Beastmaster & Clash of the Titans

1977 King Kong & Death Race 2000

The Ruddles & This is Spinal Tap

The Lost Boys & Harold and Maude

kevin 7: already saw it at a very young age...
Jaws & The Exorcist

brian: Pee Wee's Big Adventure & The Big Lebowski

this is a super fun question to ask! now, i am still thinking of mine!

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

Nice job Staircase! It's a fun think to think about. I had a hard time making mine. Of these 12 films, I've brought seven of them to the Circle as a midnight movie!

hidden staircase said...

i don't know why more folks haven't posted...such a fun thing to think about! so...for the sake of making a decision, mine is:

Help! & The Blues Brothers

i would love to see on a big screen, preferably on a very warm evening out in the middle of nowhere...Breaking Away! i couldn't think of anything super special to go with it...but maybe Bad News Bears!

also...wouldn't mind seeing Rubin & Ed & The Big Lebowski...

hidden staircase said...

...and two more peeps polled!

brian h: American Grafitti & Close Encounters of the Third Kind

alan: The Evil Dead & BubbaHo-Tep

hidden staircase said...

the poll continues...!

jamie: Twister & Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

I'd love to watch TWISTER in Oklahoma during a Tornado warning! That would be awesome.

A few years ago myself and the Bostwick family watched MADAGASCAR at the Admiral Twin Drive-In in Tulsa during a severe storm with lightning and tornadoes in the general area. Tremendous fun! It added to the experience with a little hint of danger, ha. Lightning was crashing all around the screen and cars, yet my fellow crazy Okies kept right on watching the cartoon!

hidden staircase said...

you are crazies with that weather and watching! i remember when i was there in '06 and after those tornados, people just complained about their tv being interrupted!

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

We had a storm a few weeks ago and the tornado sirens were going off like crazy in my neighborhood. I just sat on the front porch watching it rain and hail!