Wednesday, August 03, 2011

July movies

Any month where 29 movies are watched including two viewings of the definitive monster truck revenge saga Rolling Vengeance has to be considered a successful month of movie watching. Although I lapsed a bit on my goal to watch a single film every single day of the month, I think I made up for it with the all-night, five movie revenge festival known as Slumber Party 3: Payback. Saw other things in July that I enjoyed a lot--Conan O'Brien Can't Stop, Meek's Cutoff, Beginners to name a few. But, July was all about the end of the month Slumber Party 3: Payback for me. Photo of David and myself as we are about to begin the five film binge that we co-programmed. 65 people [out of 100 ticket buyers stayed the entire night for the $5 refund] and the five movies were Rolling Thunder, Death Wish 3, Rolling Vengeance [on VHS!], Savage Streets and Eye of the Tiger [VHS movie #2!].

Aryan Brotherhood---2007---usa   ***
The Lincoln Lawyer---2011---usa   ***
Prizzi's Honor---1985---usa   ***1/2
Larry Crowne---2011---usa   **1/2
Behind the Burly Q---2010---usa   **1/2
Buck---2011---usa   ****
Couples Retreat---2010---usa   **
Conan O'Brien Can't Stop---2011---usa   ****
Meek's Cutoff---2011---usa   ****
Double Dare---2005---usa   ***
Horrible Bosses---2011---usa   ***
Lemmy---2010---usa   ***1/2
I'm Reed Fish---2007---usa   *1/2
The Bank Shot---1974---usa   ***1/2
Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Impassioned Eye---2003---france   ***
Beginners---2011---usa   ****
Rolling Vengeance---1987---canada   ***1/2
Lynch---2007---usa   ***1/2
Duck Season---2006---mexico   ***
Heartlands---2002---england   ***
Page One---2011---usa   ***1/2
Switchblade Sisters---1975---usa   ***1/2
Welcome to MacIntosh---2008---usa   **1/2
Stupid, Crazy, Love---2011---usa   ***1/2
Rolling Thunder---1977---usa   ****
Death Wish 3---1985---usa   ***1/2
Rolling Vengeance---1987---canada   ***1/2
Savage Streets---1984---usa    ***1/2
Eye of the Tiger---1986---usa   ***


Eva said...

congrats! And you guys are practically beaming with happiness!

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

I think we were kind of happy that all our watching films, planning and figuring out what to do was about over!

For the record, for some reason I'm squatting down...not really that much shorter than David, ha.

Rumblefish said...

Also, for some reason, you guys chose to stand in front of The Boy with the Stripey PJs poster. Depressing choice. Great night, though!