Saturday, August 27, 2011

CineRobot:::Los Angeles

If I were to make a master list of all the cities that I would possibly move to anytime soon, Los Angeles would not have made the top ten. Or twenty. Or maybe even the top 30! But, here I sit, writing a post about how I will be moving to Los Angeles in early October with Sarah and Mozi. You can never forget about Mozi as she will be leaving the state of Oklahoma for the first time and moving west. We asked her about it and she's fairly calm about the move, but that's her regular disposition.

My first reaction when the possibility to move: a strange cocktail of fascination and revulsion. I don't know what the actual split was between the two, but it was in the neighborhood of 60/40 and I'm not sure which of the two was the 60%. Eight years ago I spent four days in Los Angeles and had a fun time. I was surprised just how much I liked that brief visit as it was happening as I had a lot of built-up preconceptions about the city. Visiting and living in a city such as LA are completely different animals. I don't particularly care for the sun and I love seasons, rain and other unpredictable weather. Tornados and thunderstorms I love, earthquakes and never ending sun? Not so much. I am not sure how I'm going to respond to 330 days of sunlight each year. I literally might explode.

Of course, this move will definitely be a boon to the diversity of my film watching. Los Angeles obliterates Tulsa in that regard and this is one of the most exciting things about the move for me. Not only will I have the chance to see obscure, indie, foreign films at the first opportunity, I'm probably more excited about repertory cinema and seeing older films via prints on the screen. New Beverly Cinema here I come! How could I not be excited about something like this? Click on the theatres after the jump to see the palaces that are showing movies. I get goosebumps over this kind of stuff. Seriously.

Another reason I'm really excited: food. But, this isn't a food blog, so I'll stick to cinema on here. Expect lots of Los Angeles creeping into the movie talk once those posts start coming.


hidden staircase said...

yeoooowwweeeewow. i couldn't do it...glad you can so i can visit :)!

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

you'll have to come down to get some sun; i'll have to go up to get some rain!

Anonymous said...

Josh - definitely keep me posted on cool theatre in SoCal. I have yet to watch any older films on the big screen. Would love to hang out sometime when I visit my family. I like you am revulsed by LA BUT there are some really cool aspects.

Janet - Seattle :-)

Joshua Blevins Peck said...


Yes, we'll definitely have to see old movies if you are visiting as I know how you like the old stuff. They've got the silent movie theatre, New Beverly, LACMA and others that show the old stuff. Click on the link in my post and check the schedule of that out--some amazing films IN amazing theatres to really nerd out to!

I'm sort of fascinated and repulsed at same time, but am anxious to see if I like it. So much urban/big city stuff that I like to do there other than just movies.

Omnivore said...

I think it could be a great move. Your interest in cinema makes it a natural fit really. You may really like it there - no hurricanes, blizzards, or tornados - unlike here where there have been all three in the past year alone!

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

We actually signed a lease for an apartment 1/2 a mile from the New Beverly! Didn't plan on that--just an added bonus to the location. I can walk that's definitely my favorite thing about LA that I've seen so far.