Thursday, August 25, 2011

Friends With Benefits poster

While in London recently, I was bombarded with the poster for Friends with Benefits at virtually every subway station. I somehow missed this poster when the film came out in the USA, but was immediately struck at just how ridiculous, crass and absurd it is. With their individual hand gestures, Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis tell you the entire plot of the film: they are going to be doing it! Yes, fornication between these two attractive people will be a major point of the plot. I loathe this poster.

Side rant. Why is Timberlake getting to be in all these films? I gritted my teeth all through The Social Network and then was flabbergasted by all the positive attention he received. Really? He semi-whispered the entire performance in faux intensity. Now he's a leading man in films with this and multiple others on the docket. Am I missing something with him other than he's a popular singer who has been around since the halcyon days of the boy band? Every time I see him act I cringe a little, but here he is, making rude hand gestures on a movie poster [in case you forgot the plot of Friends with Benefits--they are gettin' it on!] for comedies or starring in upcoming thrillers [In Time]. Can we just find actors to act, singers to sing...this craze to be a "hyphenated" star doesn't make for better entertainment, it just means the same yahoo like Timberlake gets to make crappy music or movies with plots that require naughty hand gestures.


Eva said...

Hahahah! That's pretty funny. To be honest, I didn't see or notice those posters. I did actually see the movie, and though it's not something that will remain engraved in my mind or what I will want to see over and over again - I quite enjoyed it while it lasted. Justin Timberlake had nothing to do with it, though - I don't care for him nor do I mind him. but I thought the movie was alright.

The funny thing is - that obscene hand gesture - i wouldn't have ven noticed it - but that particular movie theater I go to for the mainstream movies - something creepy happens to me there almost every time I go - and the best case scenario would be such a hand gesture. Seriously, it's getting a but much at that one theater, I should stop going there by myself, or only stick to the artsy downtown theatre. i could start a blog on all the creeps that happen to me at this one theatre. I bet it could be quite amusing to sum it all up :)

Anonymous said...

OMG i didn't even think about that. that is the stupidest thing I've ever seen. How could these two actors actually do this? Wow.